OWNER: Leeds City Council

Data mapping the digital sector for the Leeds City Region

Using the Data City Platform

Data City developed the first iteration of its product using available open data, web technology and data analysis to develop the Leeds Digital Sector Map.  We looked beyond outdated SIC code definitions of organisations and to ensure as accurate a picture of the activities of the organisations within our region as possible. We used the first iteration of our data science and Artificial Intelligence driven approach utilising data sources from companies house,  organisations’ websites, social media profiles including linkedin and twitter, open data sources such as rates data and data available from job board API’s. These have then been analysed against sector definitions and organisations scored against each category and sub category. Finally a manual check of 15% of the data was performed to ensure accuracy and we published our results openly at DataMillNorth.


The 2014 Tech Nation report identified 463 digital businesses in Leeds. Following this report, work was completed by DataCity,  to make a more complete data set on behalf of the Leeds City Region. Over 3,500 digital businesses were identified in Leeds and a total of 8,500 across the region. This is the first time that the Leeds City Region had been mapped in this way.

This Data Asset has been used across the region to support economic forecasting, develop funding and support programmes and influence & measure  investment strategies.

The Data from this project can be found at DataMill North – Digital Sector Mapping.

Download data (xls)