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Paul Connell is co-founder and CEO of The Data City, in charge of understanding what our subscribers need. He is also the founder of ODILeeds.
Tom Forth is co-founder and Head of Product at The Data City. He thinks of new things to build and figures out whether they're possible. He is the founder of imactivate, Head of Data at ODILeeds, and has a PhD in Systems Biology.
Peter Laflin is Head of Data at The Data City. He does the machine-learning, the graph databases, the clustering algorithms, and the always-on data collection that makes The Data City work. He is also a Senior Data Scientist at Jaywing Intelligence.
Amy brings her experience doing communications, design, and data viz at ODILeeds to The Data City, making sure that our outputs are clear. A Northern Voices alumni, she also keeps us connected to Tech North.


The Data City was born out of collaboration between ODILeeds and its sponsors, Bloom, Jaywing Intelligence, KPMG, Leeds City Council, imactivate, and more. By working and innovating in the open we achieve more, more quickly. We exist as part of the same business networks that we study and we are always looking for more partners and supporters.