The growth of the ‘Internet of Things’, where the UK will invest next?

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We worked with The Digital Catapult and InnovateUK to identify businesses, people, and organisations in the emerging field of The Internet of Things (IoT), they can now measure the impact of their investments and plan how to fund this sector in the future.

We brought together information about the sectors that IoT businesses are in, where they are located, when they were founded, their revenue and size.

Using the Data City Platform

Using the web our artificial intelligence engine and data science platforms, we collated and interrogated the data to create the the most accurate and complete dataset, around IoT, available anywhere in the UK.

A visual web-based data visualisation report was built, which could be used to interrogate the collected data by anyone, anytime.  This can be found on this link.

We have also created two data assets 1. a structured relational database which helps us interrogate data relating to each entity and 2. an unstructured graph database which allows us to interrogate the connections and linkages of the network.

We have published the data we have collected on DataMill North – IoT Nation Database.


DataCity currently measures that there are over 1025 organisations active in the IoT space. The top sectors being:

  1. Information & Communications (286)
  2. Professional & Sci/Tech (183)
  3. Education (120)
  4. Manufacturing (103)
  5. Admin & Support (72)

We found different sectors had a different prominence across the UK and not all biased towards London.

And that smaller organisations appeared to be more active in IoT.

We helped Digital Catapult identify some key strategic insights such as:

81% of UK universities are engaged with the Internet of Things, with computer science, health and engineering departments the key cornerstones of involvement.

PETRAS, identified for funding, is a project which connects nine UK Universities with industry partners to explore critical issues in the IoT sector, is successful and provides a connective framework for the IoT ecosystem. Through direct project partners, the project impact reaches 1,100 UK businesses and we prove that the project is a key factor in the diffusion of innovation in the sector.

Businesses engaged with the Internet of Things are “connective” businesses, joining up otherwise unconnected businesses across the UK economy. This strengthens the economic links between sectors and geographies and we are able to measure the impact & role of IoT stimulation activity & investment, such as CityVerve or IoT Tribe.

Our work was featured heavily in national and local press. We released our rankings and the data behind them as open datasets and these were re-used to demonstrate the impact of research investment e.g. PETRAS.

Download data (xls)

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