Using the data city platform

1. Define your question

This is the most important task, what is the question that you need to answer? From here we can make sure that we provide the best possible data for you. Here are some examples of questions that we’ve helped to answer already to help you get this right:

  1. How many digital businesses are there in our city?
  2. Where are the IoT Businesses in the UK and are there any specific ‘clusters’?
  3. How large is our ‘Proptech’ sector and where is it based?

2. Your answer as a website

You will be provided with an interactive website view of the data and your ‘answer’ (see for an example. We can  also provide you with a ‘standard’ report through one of our consulting partners.

3. Monthly subscription

We want to end ‘out of date data’, your subscription means your data will be refreshed monthly with the ability to uncover valuable insights on trends effecting your ‘answer’ over time. Is your IoT sector growing or shrinking? Which areas are growing the fastest? And so on..


Advisory  and  consulting  to  answer  new  questions  with  our  existing  data. Your  question;  our  data…

Subscription: £5,000 per month.

DATA CITY Explorer

Web  visualisation  of  the  data  and  your  answer.  Updated  monthly.

Subscription: £included in your DataCity data subscription.


Full  access  to  everything  data,  databases  on  an  API.

Price: POA


Bespoke  reports  from  one  of  our  consulting  partners  using  our  data  and  information you  may  wish  to  provide.

Report: from £3,000 each


Don’t  see  the  data  you  need  to  answer  your  question?  Give  us  the  problem,  working  with  our  partners  we  offer  bespoke  advisory  and  consulting  where  we  have  to  get  new  data  to  answer  new  questions.

Price: POA