The Data City must be built, because the people responsible for making decisions and delivering promises about our great cities and places deserve to have the best data at their fingertips.

We are using data and web-intelligence to do away with the wasted time, money and duplication of effort spent evaluating and designing interventions. We are using machines to do the heavy lifting and giving this intelligence to the people who are making decisions and measuring their impact.

We will be radically open with our findings so that we can capture and share all of the innovation and value possible from our work.

Paul Connell

We urgently need to take better decisions in our cities and countries. I believe that the best decisions are taken by people, accountable to their communities, informed by data that everyone can see.

The Data City collects the data that informs decisions. We share it widely so that more people can check it and criticise the way it is analysed. We will help to invent a democratic vocabulary to free us from the reign of experts — by empowering new experts. Better informed experts. Closer to the people.

Tom Forth